The Alpha Level can be reached in the mind by a simple meditation.

The uses of Alpha Level meditations

    1. Total relief from stress.
    2. Success in every walk of life.
    3. More intuition to make decisions.
    4. Higher performance levels.
    5. Increase flow of money.
    6. Manifest anything in life easily.
    7. Improved memory.
    8. Remove negative thoughts.
    9. Reprogramme your mind for success.
    10. Maintain ideal weight and good health.
    11. Communicate with people at Alpha level without actually talking.
    12. Improved relationships with family and friends.
    13. Rejuvenate yourself whenever you need.
    14. Sleep well in the night.
    15. Wake up at the right time without an alarm.
    16. Heal yourself and others.

Apart from the above, you can achieve many more things with the help of Alpha.

After attending this one-day workshop many people have felt a total positive shift in their thinking. Many have reported an instant improvement in quality of life.