Level- 1 Alpha Meditation:

Alpha Meditation to experience the power of the subconscious mind. Techniques for health, wealth, happiness, relationship, spiritual growth, inner transformation and total Stress Relief.

Higher Levels

 Cell Glow Meditation – (Eligibility Level-1):

Wonderful Meditation to cleanse and energise the cells. Metaphysics to remove negative energies from goals and make them manifest easily. Energy ball to manifest goals quickly. Healing with Divine colors and metaphysics. Powerful past life healing meditation to remove negative imprints from cell memory (Karma Dosha).

 Chakra Meditation – (Eligibility Level-1):

A very unique meditation to cleanse and energise chakras. This meditation also removes the negative effects of planets from the chakras. Healing with Organ transplantation from etheric body. Meditation to release souls of ancestors to dissolve Pithru Dosha. Abundance meditation.

Agni Kundam – (Eligibility Level-1):

This is a wonderful workshop to identify and release all negative blocks from within us from every aspect of life prosperity, health, relationships, Spiritual growth. After this workshop you will witness very good growth in all areas of life.

Mantra Shakthi – (Eligibility Level-1)

Initiation of mantras which can be chanted everyday for health, wealth, education, happiness and immediate manifestation of goals.

Siddha Kundalini – (Eligibility Level-1):

Kundalini Shakthi is activated. It can be experienced everyday in meditation.

Psychic Energy – (Eligibility Level-1):

Understanding negative psychic energies and psychic attacks – their sources, symptoms etc. A very powerful unique meditation to remove negative psychic energies and create protection. Use of pendulum to measure energy. Use of various tools to dissolve negative energies like black magic, etc. for self and family.

Amrut Siddhi – (Eligibility Level-1):

Activation of DNA for all aspects particularly to arrest ageing and improve youth and vitality. Total peace of mind and complete shift in consciousness level is experienced taking one to a higher dimension.

Sri Vidhya – (Eligibility Level-1):

The yantra, mantra and tantra method of worshipping the Goddess Sri Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari and Navavarna Pooja.

Sanjeevani – (Eligibility Level-1):

In this class you experience a powerful healing for the body and mind. There are meditations, mantras, pranayamam and Alpha Music Therapy and Group Healing in the class. it has been established with aura scanning that after this class there is a great improvement in the aura and energy levels. Stress level gets reduced to a great extent.

Shantagni – (Eligibility Level-1):

A five days residential class at Rishikesh to reprogram the mind completely.