Alpha Meditation to experience the power of the subconscious mind. Techniques to use Alpha level for goal achievement, happiness, better relationships, healing, spiritual growth, inner transformation and total Stress Relief.


This class has wonderful Cell Glow and Chakra meditations to cleanse and energise the cells and chakras in our body and make them glow. Energy ball to energise goals. Releasing Karma Dosha (Past Life Healing). Dissolving Pithru Dosha (releasing souls of ancestors). Abundance meditation to create a higher level of consciousness to attract abundance.

(Pl note this is a new class designed by Guruji combining the earlier level 2 & 3)


Theory of karma and how awakening of Kundalini Shakthi can dissolve Sanchita Karma and make way for spiritual growth and goal manifestation. Kundalini Shakthi is awakened with proper preparation. Pranayamam & Meditations to remove hurdles in spiritual growth. Alpha Music Therapy to release all blockages in spiritual growth.


Understanding negative psychic energies and psychic attacks – their sources, symptoms etc. Pranayamam. A very powerful unique meditation to remove negative psychic energies and create protection. Use of pendulum to measure energy. Use of various tools to dissolve negative energies like evil eyes, etc. for self and family. Alpha Music Therapy to release all negativities. ‘Hill Meditation’ to get relief from people who disturb you in life.


Activation of DNA for all aspects particularly to arrest ageing and improve youth and vitality. A very powerful meditation. Alpha Music Therapy to activate DNA. Total peace of mind and complete shift in consciousness level is experienced taking one to a higher dimension.


The yantra, mantra and tantra method of worshipping the Goddess Sri Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari. Pranayamam, Sri Vidya mantras and Navavarna Pooja.


In this class the body and mind receive a very powerful healing. Sanjeevani healing meditation,  mantras, pranayamam & Alpha Music Therapy give a very powerful experience. Group Healing for every participant is a unique experience in this class. It has been established with aura scanning that after this class there is a great improvement in the aura and energy levels. Stress level gets reduced to a great extent.


Aishwaryam means abundance. The Universe is ready to shower abundance of health, wealth and happiness upon us.  Money is an energy which can satisfy many such needs of ours. But, there are many unknown blockages in our mind which do not allow us to receive the abundance that the Universe is waiting to shower upon us. This class breaks all those blockages and makes you free to receive abundance. The pranayamam,  meditations, mantras, Alpha Music Therapy and Mahalakshmi pooja in this class will fine tune your mind to receive abundance from the Universe. Meditation to manifest your goals with Aishwarya Shakthi is a highlight of this class.


A five days residential class at Rishikesh to reprogram the mind completely.