‘Alpha Mind Power’, is a one-day workshop in which Guruji, Dr. Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan teaches Alpha Level Meditation to access the power of the Subconscious Mind. This system combines the Alpha level of the mind with the energy of ancient Siddhas of India and hence becomes a very powerful meditation. This workshop helps a person to get rid of stress and empowers him to handle any situation in life very effectively. This training brings out the inherent good qualities in a person and creates noticeable improvement in self confidence, performance levels and personal relationships. The wonderful techniques taught in this workshop also ensure speedy manifestation of goals.

Apart from the contents of the workshop, the method of presentation is so powerful that it has totally changed the attitude of many people to a more positive one. With continuous research and updating, Guruji’s workshops have become very popular and have been appreciated by the participants as informative, useful, transforming, empowering and above all fascinating too!

The Objectives of this workshop

To empower the participant by helping him to realize the hidden powers within himself and use these powers to create a better life for himself and to handle any situation in life successfully.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

  • Executives.
  • HRD persons.
  • Production Managers / Team Managers.
  • Sales Representatives / Marketing Executives.
  • Front Office Staff.
  • Home Makers (women).
  • Youth / Students.
  • Individuals from any walk of life.