Alpha Energy Box


Removes Negative Energy, improves Positive Energy.

What is Alpha Energy Box?
Alpha Energy Box is a wonderful tool conceived by Guruji for removing Negative Energy from Homes, Offices or Business Centres. It contains numerous yantras to generate positive energy and many crystal stones to magnify and broadcast the positive energy. This box is personalized energized by Guruji.

Harmful Effects of Negative Energy:
Negative Energy reduces money inflow, causes health problems and relationship issues. It also creates Negative Thoughts in the minds of people in that place.

Benefits of Alpha Energy Box:
The Alpha Energy Box generates a lot of positive energy which dissolves all Negative Energy in the place and creates a lot of Positive Energy. This creates more Positive Thoughts in the minds of the people. This in turn improves the Health, Wealth and Prosperity. The Alpha Energy Box counters even the Negative Energy caused due to vaastu problems in the house. The Alpha Energy Box can be placed in a house, workplace or in a business centre.

Numerous Alpha Siddhas have benefitted from the Alpha Energy Box and have provided consistent Positive Feedback for the past few years.

Note: Handling & Courier charges additional. This product is not downloadable.