when mam told us in the class to think of your goals and healing I thought of my health which was very very bad at that time. After meditating in the class I immediately found the relief and decided to quit the medicine which I was taking for depression and sleeplessness. The same day I slept well and got up in the morning very fresh from that day I have not taken my medicine and I am fit and fine and the atmosphere in my house has become very happy and positive I cannot explain. All are very happy at home ! To Dear Mam, I am very happy, grateful to you. I have no words to thank U. You have taught me such a wonderful technique. Meditation has become very natural to me now. I feel very much active, positive, happy, self confident. I have a sound sleep every night and get up early morning for the meditation. I had never got up early morning so much pleased. I am doing all those things which I wanted to do. Thanks again I am waiting eagerly for your next visit so that I can learn second level also. Raj Rani