My husband had made an investment sheet and saved it in the c:/ and floppy. As we purchased a new computer, the statement got deleted from hard disk, while formatting. The floppy where we saved, also got corrupted, as we tried to open, it showed only BLANK SHEET. I used trigger and visualized that the data is appearing on the screen on 25th night. On 26th, i went to office and my IT persons tried to open the file. Again it showed the BLANK SHEET. IT guys told me that, shashi, the file has got corrupted and now you cannot retrieve the file. The entire data is wiped away. I got the floppy back to my system, used the trigger, took GOD’s name and opened the file. Amazing!!!!! the file opened and I GOT ALL MY DATA BACK. My hubby was so happy and everybody at home were thrilled. Thanks a lottttttttt to u Madam!!! Alpha and God.