I don’t know how to explain the benefits of alpha. Its amazing. I am so cool nowadays. Even when I am tensed, I go to alpha state and give commands to calm down my mind. I have changed a lot. I can realize that. Once while I was traveling, my driver dashed against a two wheeler. It was a very minor accident, but the two wheeler fellow got down and started hitting my driver. I was sitting in the front seat and people around the place started knocking the window asking us to get down. We were 3 girls and my cousins started crying. I was neither tensed nor angry. I projected white light and the fellow calmed down. Every one appreciated my boldness. They said they should learn so many qualities from me. I told them about alpha which has given me the mental maturity. Alpha has given me the LOST enthusiasm which i lacked for few months.I used to be so positive.But certain circumstances changed my attitude and i became totally negative.Nobody could console me for the happenings.Alpha is giving me confidence which i cannot express in words.I am feeling fresh, full of positive energy nowadays.Alpha has become the part and parcel of my life.thanks to alpha.