Every time we travel,I make that protective schield around the car ,driver and who ever else is in the car with me .In a freak accident on the Delhi -Chandigarh highway ,I banged into a stationary water tanker which had been parked there .It was watering the plants they had in the divider .I could not see it because of the car ahead and when it suddenly veered to the left,it was then that i saw the tanker barely 20 yards away and there was no way the car was going to stop at 120 kms an hour in 20 yards. so after a lot of screeching brakes there was this impact .We were absolutely safe thanks to the crumple zone of modern cars and the schield ! When I think about the accident now and how I would have been looking down on you all from the clouds above had it not been for our collective good luck,the wonderful ford 1.6 and the alpha . This is just to tell all alphonoans that the schield works.put that shield around you whenever you travel on a highway!