I am Lavanya, participated in June 12th 2005 Level-I Alpha mind power training.I am here to thank alpha for saving my right hand from getting damaged.. I was travelling in a train last week and i didn’t notice that the shutter was not locked properly…There was no problems till the train started moving…Suddenly the shutter fell down with such speed,that it would have made the elbow shatter in pieces..Thank god..i had removed my hand just 2 seconds before the shutter fell down…I was really wondering..Wait made me take hand away from the window,as it always used to be a habit for me..Yes..now i strongly believe that it is coz of the protective shield that i applied to me just before i left from home.Yes..it is the protective shield that made me take my hand from the window…thank u alpha…not only for protecting me all the time,but teaching me a lesson to check if the shutters are locked properly in the train. Regards, Lavanya.