I have attended the 1st level of AMP on August 7th 2005 at Chennai along with my son K.Srivathsan.On that day, during the healing meditation I visualized that, my ulcer & acidity problem (which was very severe & I was not able to eat even very mild spicy food also, & I was literally living only on curd rice and Oats Kanji) has vanished. As soon as I reached home, I had loose motions 5 to 6 times which was totally in black colour. On that day onwards I forgot about my ulcer & acidity problem. Whenever I drink water (I used a blue bottle), I visualized that as if I am drinking blue color (blue color for ulcer problems). Now I am totally out of the above problem and am able to eat normal food. My sincere thanks to ALPHA. My another amazing experience is that, my sister was not happy with her husband & the way he was treating her. She was harassed by him mentally & physically .At one stage she could not tolerate all these and came out of the house with her two children (aged 12 &10). After attending AMP, I started sending colors whenever possible (per day 8 to 10 times) and also started communicating during early hours of the day with his sub conscious mind. My efforts & faith brought wonderful results in her life. After 15 days my sister started telling that, he is not torturing her, a total change in his behavior towards her. She also told me that there is some unknown happiness in the house and the house is very bright which she has never experienced before. In fact, when I attended the introductory session, you were telling that it is possible to heal others through AMP. That is when I decided to attend AMP& and am very happy that it really worked out very well & today my sister is very happy. I am able to see many other changes in my personal life too.