‘ALPHA MEDITATION’ keeps the person in tranquility of mind. Regular practice enables a person to view all things in a positive sense, apart from increasing his power of concentration, memory, analysis and take apt decisions. Every organ in our body functions to the command of our mind and by this technique all organs, especially the heart function effectively and efficiently. 95% of heart attacks especially the younger age group between 25 to 30 years are due to agitation, anxiety, anger, depression and mental turmoil. A person with a balanced mind will have following benefits: 1. Control of blood pressure and blood sugar 2. Reduction of heart rate from 70 to 60/mt. and respiratory rate from 20-15/mt. 3. Increased production of good Cholesterol (HDL) & reduced synthesis of bad Cholesterol (LDL) by the liver. The above benefits prevent the narrowing of the heart blood vessels & to a greater extent prevents Heart Attack primarily & secondarily. ‘LIVE LIFE BETTER’