Alpha workshop was like getting streams of energy emerging from mountains that can move away any hurdles coming on the way. On the very day of the first level, Alpha cured my new born child from jaundice (the bilirubin count fell down to 11 from 14 within 24 hours). Even the Doctor was amazed. Doing Alpha when I was 6 months pregnant, has helped my child also. I can feel the difference between my two children. My second child born after Alpha workshop responds very quickly, although she is just 2 and half months now. The level 2 was really divine. After this, I have found a change in myself. I have become more poised, my intuitions are very exact, my healing is better and my belief has become stronger. I would like to request all Alphonians to do healing for our Earth to reduce the effect of increasing green house gases, ie. Global warming.