You are doing a wonderful favour to all those who learn and practice this amazingly simple yet highly effective way of manifestation through meditation! I have greatly benefited in numerous ways. 1.When I healed my friend’s wife of her severe back pain sitting 2000 kms away 2.When I was offered 5 times my present salary for a new job 3.When I brought a remarkable improvement in my mother’s diabetic and cardiac ailments 4.When I was able to make my teenage son take deep interest in his studies 5.When I could manage to feel fresh and energetic even after sleeping for just 3 hrs on a business trip 6.When I clinched a very difficult order worth Rs.1 crore from an MNC without any extra effort 7.When I was able to overcome a nagging pain in my tooth I am sure this list will go on and on in future. After all it has been just 28 days since I have learnt this technique from you. Thank you Dr.Viji. You have changed my life.