I I am Shanti Iyer from Dubai . I did my level 1 at Chennai, came to India especially for this The CDs are of great use for day to day Dhyanams, I loved the Akashik records & Spiritual journey, if done with lot of concentration, we can feel we are in the heaven. I got myself immersed into it so many times for an hour and above. I sincerely appreciate Guruji’s efforts in composing these CDs. So many persons would have benefited by these like me. With the practice of many Alpha Siddhas how beautiful our country would be with only positive thinking, extending help to each other & the society in every aspect. Although many of us have knowledge of God, devotion, scriptures etc. reaching/feeling the state of communication with higher levels through meditations, talking to others subconscious mind .. would have not been possible with our little devotion. Guruji has blessed us with the knowledge to do these meditations with what I think is one of best workshops I have seen.