Dear Siddhas and Dear Madam, This is Bharani. Now that I have got a golden opportunity to attend the “Amruta Siddhi Shakti” (Level 6) held in Chennai, I find it very important to share my experiences with the rest of the siddhas. This level is clearly for those who have a personal desire to grow up spiritually as Level-6 (Amruti Siddhi Shakti) is a level beyond what you can imagine. Clearly not material focussed or desire intended, but this level gives us a complete satisfaction internally. Here are my experiences about the meditation. I was extremely happy to feel the highest energy (Sarva Siddhi Shakthi) that criss-crossed and travelled through the length and breath of my inner-self, which I have never witnessed before. Beyond that, there was another meditation which enhances us to detach from all the other soul’s that we are holding unconciously. Astounding silence prevailed in the hall as our Guruji was taking us through this wonderful meditation. Many of us really felt that this “meditation” shouldn’t have come to a halt”. We were immersed in the deep silence after the meditation, which left many to shed tears. This journey needless to say, has a strong spiritual destination inbuilt and you will experience it as you travel through the course. All I felt was, “Alpha siddhas” are strongly and firmly being guided by our Guru to reach our destination in our lives, satisfying all our material needs on the way…but one thing is clear. Destination is clear for all of us and we all are travelling towards the same. Our Guru has clearly imbibed that and the Divine source is what guides her and all Siddhas and people who have true belief.. Its another great meditation for all of us which iam sure will uplift our spiritual desires, thereby making our paths clear and smooth in ur life.. A level that I foresee to attend once again. Thanks is a small word that I can offer to Dr Vijayalakshmi, for she has changed the life of many, including me. I am grateful to our Madam and hope we are all.. Feel good always..