Dear Guruji, Namaskaram. When we did Amrut Siddhi Shakthi in class, I could feel that all negativity form my throat chakra vanishing ( that was during cleansing of DNA). I was spell bound when I started practising my music. There are no hitches and voice has come back as if I am in my youth.Yesterday also I sang for 2 1/2 hours at a stretch without even taking water. I could attempt all my ideas and whatever I learnt in my recent workshop I could remember all the songs. Since two major slip disc , I was never able to sit so long. Now, I transplanted my backbone one month back. hence i could sit throughout. I am also able to sit on the floor in a cross legged position. I am really really very happy. All thanks goes to you. I cannot express my gratitude in words.God bless you.