Dear Guruji, Every soul born on this earth tends to feel emotionally attached to at least one thing /person they come across during their existence. So did I get attached to something? It is my 4 burner gas stove that I purchased in 1997..stove?did I hear it right…well is my stove that I am attached to. Or should I say I was attached to! It was more than 2 years that I have been having it functioning though there were persistent problems, my mind could never accept a replacement.. Then it was on Jan 3rd that I attended AMRUT SIDDHI class, where by following my guruji’s instruction I could break the emotional attachment towards my companion that I had developed within my heart for years. It was then that I decided and made up my mind to get a new stove and replace my old one. Yes, it was not that easy and it took about a week of practising this mediation to get me out of the emotional bond. And finally it was on Jan 10th that I exchanged my stove for a new one, and of course without any hard feelings.