The Level – 6 workshop was really unique & all together a different experience for me. Especially when we clear the negativity in our DNA the positive energy can be felt well. The whole day of the class lot of energy had gone through my shoulders & back of my neck. So, had lot of pain in the neck & shoulders. However, it gradually reduced by the afternoon session. Later after coming home & having a shower, it completely disappeared. The music used during the negativity cleansing, especially the jingle sound was really apt. That goes very well with the visualization we do at that time. Even towards the end of the meditation the tibetian-monk or mountain music was really mesmerizing. To be honest, it actually put me to sleep for few minutes, was in a state of trance and a different world. I also felt my chakras detached from my physical body. I felt as if there was no physical body n it was only soul revolving around the chakras. That was the best ! Overall my experience was great.