I would like to share my experience regarding AMP. My elder son’s 2 wheeler driving license was not found even when he searched the whole house for 2 to 3 days. So, I sent colors daily to the license and visualized that it is retrieve by him somehow or the other. to my wonder, after 8 days, he told me that it was found in a shop where he took it for taking photo copy. Thanks to Alpha! My second son who is an engineering student did not get though in one paper in his fifth semester and he wrote the arrears in the 6th semester also, but he failed again in that particular subject. So, I daily prayed for his success in all the paper of 7th semester, including the arrears paper. In Alpha State, I sent colors to my son and visualized that he is telling me that he has cleared all the papers without any arrears. It actually happened one day. On seeing the 7th semester result, he told me that he has got through in all the papers, as seen by me during my visualization, which gave me a real surprise. Alpha Mind Power is Wonderful!