One day as usual I was getting ready for SriVidya Pooja. 40 Mins before the Pooja I switched on the Music Player with the CD – which was not used for so many months and thought of trying it that day, but I was unsure about the songs in the CD. When I Started the Pooja with the First Mantram for DhakshinaMoorthy, suddenly,the Music Player started the next song which was “Lalitha Sahasranamam” . Till that day I was not aware that the CD had Lalitha Sahasranamam in it. Then, I Closed my eyes and started Chanting all the Mantras from SriVidya and Started Chanting “Bala Mantram” and “Sowbagya Panchathaci Mantram” 108 Times. I was literally crying with tears of joy gushing. That day I felt the Blessing of “Sri Maha Lalitha Thiruprasundari” – I saw her Walking inside my house with her beautiful tender Feet with bright Mehendi in it. I still Feel like Crying!!I Feel Her Blessing Every moment! Thank you Guruji !