I attended Sri Vidhya class today as a repeat. I wanted to share my experience with all of you. It was such a mind blowing experience. The bliss that I experienced is still lingering in my mind. Many of us could feel the presence of Bala during the initiation of the mantra. Sincerely, this is only because of the energy of our Guruji who is guiding us so well on this path. After doing ‘Sri Vidhya Meditation’ last time, I tried to read on the net about this subject. It was very confusing and even difficult to understand. But, it also made me understand how blessed we are to have such a wonderful Guruji. Our Guruji has simplified such a complicated subject and given it to us in a very simple form and made the practice also so easy.Do not miss this class. It is out of this world. It takes you to a different dimension altogether.My pranams and thanks to Guruji