On 21/8/2017, my cousin ‘s son, Dharman who is 20years old met with an accident while going to work. He was on his motorbike when he was hit and run by a speeding car. Dharman was unconcious when he was taken by the ambulance to Malacca Hospital ICU. On 24/8/2017, I came to know this matter from my mom. She also told me that he was not moving his limbs and only tears flowing out from his eyes when his name is called. Starting that night, I  kept him in my prayers when chanting Navakshari and when performing AMP meditation. I was focusing green light from head to toe on Dharman and spoke to his sub-conscious mind, basically communicating affirmations to instill confidence in him. After 4 days, that is on 28/8, I came to know from my mom that he was able to move his limbs and he is out from coma. Today, 31/8/2017, my mom told me that he is able to walk now. It is only his speech is not clear. He is recovering well. This is the 2nd time I have seen a miracle through Alpha Mind Meditation.  AMP meditation is so powerful when if it is done correctly. Thanks Guruji.