Right from childhood I have always admired my mother for her time management, neatness, discipline in everything that she did. Somehow, I did not seem to have imbibed these qualities from her. Many times I have felt ashamed at my own untidiness and laid back style of life. Then I started my journey with Alpha, that also with my mother’s persuasion only. Finally I attended Amrit Siddhi class. That was a wonderful class. I started practising that mind blowing meditation. Now, after about six months, I suddenly realised that I had become more like my mother. I was very meticulous about everything I did! This came as a surprise to me. I wondered what brought about that change. And then, it struck me. In Amrit Siddhi class Guruji does the DNA activation meditation. I guess, when that happened those good qualities from mother which were dormant within me got activated! This is really miraculous! Love you Guruji for this beautiful realisation and transformation!