Namaskar Guru Ma and Alpha siddhas,
I am joining my hands and bowing in front of all of you for your prayers and blessings. With all your blessings I have successfully completed 170 hours of continuous yoga and I set a huge margin difference from last record (103 hours). For the first 3 days I was able to manage with my energy level but after 4th day I was totally drained into level zero, in my mind I kept calling Nemili Bala. Like a miracle Guru Ma came on the 4th day and gave me an abundance blessing. In a while I had infinite energy flowing all over my body. From 4th day till final 8th day I kept chanting Bala mantra, and I completed my record with huge satisfaction. I am so blessed and happy to be an Alpha siddha and blessed by Guru Ma. Thank you Guru Ma. You have showed how true a mother would Care for her child. Without Alpha I don’t think I would have finished this. It’s definitely positive thought and action which has given me this victory it’s all because of Alpha and Guru Ma!