Kodi Pranam to Guruji! Last Saturday I have attended Bangalore AISHWARYAM class. It was one of the pleasurable, beautiful and blissful experience in my life. Earlier I used to have aversion towards materialistic desire. But after this class only I realised that Aishwaryam can lead to satisfaction, content, detachment and even towards the spritual growth. Respectful Guruji, it is easy for you to take us to the heavenly abode of Aishwarya Maha Lakhsmi through guided meditation. You have given simple mantras to invoke Mahalakhsmi in our houses. And the Aishwaryam Pills work tremendously. For all this, we can tell kodi Pranam and Kodi times thank You! But it will not be sufficient  for What You have given to us through this Workshop! Thank You Guruji! —