I have attended up to level 2 of Alpha Meditation. My Grandfather gifted me a gold color  watch in the month of May 2018. I had kept it safely but could not remember where it was.  He kept asking me why I was not wearing it. I felt really guilty for I thought I lost it. I gave him different reasons for he might feel very upset. Today evening I have to go for a reception. My Grandfather will also be present there. He was very particular that he should see me wearing the watch today. So today in school I sent lot of energy balls and visualized that I am wearing the watch for the reception. To my surprise, I found my watch in my mother’s purse after I came back from school. I am so happy that I found it at last after so many months. Now I am going to wear it and proudly show it to my Grandfather. Thank you Alpha and Srimatha!