Yesterday night I had a profound enlightenment that I have absolutely no problems in my life.  Ha ha ha ha. Everything seems so easy to handle. I am no longer bound by people’s mood swings. Yesterday my boss scolded me in front of everyone. I did not get affected emotionally. Even before she finished speaking I forgave her and blessed her with colours. Something made her stop and walk away.
I really cannot stop the outpouring of love from me.
And one more important change madam. I usually used be very sad during festivals. I used to be angry and irritated with festivities.  I won’t even wear new dress. But now I am quite contented and happy. I never used to attend marriages as it would sadden my heart. But I attended a marriage function on Sunday. I  genuinely smiled and had a good time.
All thanks to you madam. Love you lots madam. Take care Guruji.