I feel anubandham is very best of all. Guruji taught very simple methods for goal achievement. Inner child meditation is very good. And even through this meditation we understand that the reason for whatever good or bad happen to us and even if our kids have some behavioural problems we r the soul. I realised this in my yesterday’s class and I was asking for forgiveness he is in third standard. She taught us a good lesson about forgiveness. Thanku and love like this a lot.
More than outsiders our own kids where we can’t react and suppress our feelings causes stress. I feel anubandham is best of all. It helps us to know our inner self very well in this class taught some very simple methods of goal visualisation. Yesterday I gone just to attend the class. After I gone I understand the value of relationships. What I suppress it came out. So i feel anubandham is one of the best class. Everyone should attend.