I am in a well to do position and have a good husband and beautiful children. but my husband always said this to me “u do not like to be happy. y do u refuse to be happy?”

I have an immense peace of mind after doing anubandham.

I grew up in a volatile environment. my parents were always at loggerheads with each other.

They were never happy with each other.

I was  collateral damage.
Hence i became a bitter person.

I was madly searching for inner peace where i could forgive myself and enjoy a moment of peace where there is no bitterness.

After doing alpha and srividya i became calmer and more level headed.

My husband said “you are much better now. it is easier to talk to you nowadays”

but that peace kept eluding me. that bitterness did not leave me.

I attended anubandham for that sole purpose – its been 3 days (i attended on 13/10/18 – first day first show madam) – there is no trace of bitterness and anger in me. every word that comes out of my mouth is so loving…… i am amazed at myself…… for past 3 days i am doing routine work the same way but more lovingly…..and the best response was from husband ” Please i want to eat your adais tonight. i love you so much”
Thank You very much Madam.