I am doing Navavarana pooja for the last one week. One year back due to some misunderstanding my mothers relatives stopping talking to us…We didnt do anything still some one created a problem because of jealously… I was really upset and feel really bad. I couldnt explain how bad it was for me and my family and I couldnt get a better sleep for last one year… as they are really close to me.. After doing Srividhya meditation and Navavarana pooja I am really in peace even though the problem not get solved and getting better sleep at night and I can concentrate in my day to day work before I couldnt even concentrate on my work… Like a child i feel happy and confident without any reason and in difficult situations too.I am really happy and think that I am gifted as I attended Srividhya class… Thanks to Guruji and Thanks to Srividhya.