Feedback from Alpha Siddha Aravindhan and Guruji’s reply

Aravindhan: I’m Aravindhan.I’m alpha siddha from my 9th standard. I have learnt 6 workshops in alpha.I practised everyday. I got good marks in 10th (479/500).School second in +1. School first in +2. Thank you Guruji, Alpha and Siddha who blessed me…

Guruji: Dear Aravindhan… I am really very happy and proud to see your msg. You are an example of how Alpha can help students. My best wishes to you to excel in your studies and to reach greater heights. Blessings,    Srimatha

Aravindhan:Thank you so much Guruji. Please bless me to reach great heights in my life. I’m practising Alpha from 9th std. Everyday practise gave victory in my school life. Thank you so much Guruji. Alpha has helped me lot in my exams. On every single questions i pass colours. That work well. It would be best blessings in every students life if they learnt it from their young age. Please bless me to reach great heights. Please bless me to be placed in good university.