Dear Guruji, I just want to share my experience here. Yesterday I happened to visit a very senior gemologist for some personal reasons. On seeing my horoscope, he immediately said, u are an ambal upasagar. U shall surely get darshan of ambal. Ambal is always with u and she will be guiding u at the needed times. Then I said , I’ve learnt srividhya from my guruji and I keep doing it. Then he asked me, what is your problem? I immediately replied with a smile, sir, by God’s grace, I’m leading a happy contended life! Apart from few health issues, I don’t have any problems!( touch wood!) And I said, that too i can very well manage with my meditations and chanting! Ive come for some other reason. He said it’s so very nice to hear such things. Then i realised, if i had not learnt alpha, and i had been a non alpha person, i would have immediately given a list of problems to him. Its alpha that has taught me to recognise, acknowledge and count the blessings in my life. It is alpha that has given me the faith to face the problems in a positive approach and solve them.

Then he also said, whatever pooja u are doing, whatever u are chanting its protecting u and your family like a shield! Then I said, I always keep chanting navakshari and I also chant bala and sp mantra! When I came out i saw a big picture of Quanin! I felt so very happy and said to him, ” l like her very much! He was excited to listen this and went inside and gave me few papers folded like in origami, stating that its Quanin’s prasad, that is given at Singapore temple! I was super happy!

I want to thank all my higher energies for bringing me to alpha. And guruji, my koti thanks to u. It was u who taught me alpha, introduced bala, Quanin, srividhya meditation and so much!

Thank u! Thank u so much! Praying to God, your service should reach many more thousands of ppl and you should always be guiding us!