Guruji and Alpha Siddhas, I want to share an experience with visualisation in Alpha meditation.  My colleague got transfer order in an office where she had to travel on and off for audit purpose.  She was reluctant to take up that posting and she asked to pray for her posting in Chennai in a stable office without outstation work.  In our government set up when an order is issued it cannot be changed and it’s very difficult to convince our headquarters which is in Delhi.  But I prayed and visualised that she is working in an office which is Chennai and told her also to just keep on thinking the same.  Yesterday she gave a party also and today she was about to get relieved from our office.  To our surprise by 12.30 p.m one phone came from our headquarters that her transfer order has been changed and she can join in another office which is located in our own premises and by 1.00 p.m.  The transfer order came changed in the mail.  We both felt immense pleasure and she thanked me.  I also thank Guruji and Bala for the success we got through her teachings.  She is going to join on Monday.  Thank you Universe.