Good evening Siddhas. I am thrilled to share my success story with you all. This morning, we were travelling in an auto. Out of the three bags I carried , one was kept behind the seat. This bag as such was an expensive one and it had a costly dress of my grandchild, an Apple ear phone, a barbie doll and many other valuable objects. While alighting from the vehicle  we forgot to pick up that bag and realised it late. We went back to the auto stand to see if we could meet the driver. I did not know his name or vehicle no. and he was not there. A fruit vendor and a security staff of a near by apartment could place the driver from our description. They then contacted the driver who promptly handed over the bag intact to the staff and we collected it from them. All along I kept sending colours and energy balls to the bag and spoke to the subconscious mind of the driver and some other people who would have travelled in the auto. Now, after getting it back it seems simple, but we would have lost a lot if it was not retrieved. This joy was possible only due to our Guruji s teachings and Navakshari mantra. I profoundly thank our Guruji for providing us with powerful tool of AMP.