Hello all, I want to share my recent experience with alpha. During diwali day I met with an accident in home. I was trying to fry vadas and hot oil got splattered over my face (my cheeks and over my eyelid) and hands. Seeing the situation my husband rushed me to the hospital emergency. Since it was holiday there were not many doctors to treat. I was really scared as it was my face. I was continuously chanting bala mantra. My husband is a short tempered person but he never lost his temper that day. He was very supportive. Then I was treated by a nurse after waiting for 1 hour . But she blindly told that we have to go to the Burns hospital as they cannot treat me here. So again we had to rush to Burns hospital. There again we were made to wait since they told me we did not have a letter from the main hospital from where we had come.  I was exhausted completely. The pain and burning sensation was high. But I did not lose hope, was praying to Bala with full faith she will heal me. Atlast I was taken to see the doctor  who immediately treated me. But they told though I will heal they cannot guarantee on my skin color or how long it will take to heal.  I did not lose hope. I listened to Sanjeevani meditation in the night and daily did my meditation without fail along with my prayers to Bala. I prayed my wound must heal faster and get back to my normal face. I was healed by the 3rd dressing treatment. All they gave was only paraffin ointment nothing else. The nurses in the hospital were really shocked to see my healing was faster. My skin was changing to my original skin colour. I would say its strongly because of alpha meditation and Bala. I still feel that accident was due to my past karma and I have successfully overcome it. This only due to regular meditation and chantings. There is nothing impossible if we strongly have the belief that we can do it. I take this opportunity to thank our guruji without whom I would never be able to know about Bala. Thank you very much Guruji.