Namaste Guruji! My name is A Samanthi. For the last 5 years, I used to worry, how my life would be and how am I going to lead my life. During that time, I watched alpha mind power program on TV. I liked guruji’s talk that day. Then I decided, let me also join the class and learn. But at that time I didn’t have Rs. 3500. I mortgaged my ear ring in a pawn broker shop, joined the class and learnt in the class. Based on guruji’s teaching, I started doing meditation. My house is very small, would be only around 10×10 sq ft. After everyone left for their job, I would do meditation. First time when I started, I was feeling quite lazy. After I started doing meditation repeatedly, my mind became very calm. I liked it very much.

Then I felt, I should learn all the levels/classes taught by guruji. As per guruji’s instruction I kept on visualising in meditation as if I have finished attending all the classes. Now, I have finished learning from all classes.

I wanted everyone in my home to be happy. I told them, if you do meditation everything will be alright. But they didn’t listen to me. I wanted to do something for them. At that time guruji introduced music therapy in the class. Then I thought let me use it in my home. Then I requested guruji for music therapy for my home members. Guruji gave the music therapy. When everyone used to be at home, I would play the music and ask them to listen to it.

Now my home is very peaceful. My sister is fine. I am very happy. Whatever I had expected is happening now. Guruji always used to tell in the class, “You just do the meditation, you shall get everything”. It is true. I was regularly doing meditation, my whole life has changed.

Whatever I have shared here is just few things. Actually there is lot more. Guruji is the sole reason for this. Even if I would express my thanks infinite times, it would be insufficient. But still I should express my heartfelt thanks to you guruji. Thank you guruji. Pranams.