There was workshop for Amrut siddhi and Anubandham in Mumbai.

Initially I did not register for Anubandham since I thought it will be all about just relationships. Since I am having good relationship with everyone I do not require it. At the last moment I attended the workshop, just like that with curiosity.  Good thing that I did not miss it.

First of all it, is different from other meditations we follow in Alpha mind power.  Guruji has applied more psychological  aspects in  this.

All of us are not born with silver spoon, many of us had bitter experiences in the childhood right from the birth and we have grown with those horrible pain buried deep inside our unconscious mind. This causes deep stress in our day to day life. No one is aware of the main cause and do not find way to get relieved.

Here the pattern followed in this meditation is very unique, we are taken step by step to our evaluation (childhood to adult stage) in this birth and eliminate the issues that has caused all the stress we face today.

The four steps of affirmation is a miracle stick.

In the second part it is the relationship with the friends or relatives who might have caused a deep scar in our mind. It is made to identify and how it is removed is a remarkable .

Many of us are living a mechanical life without finding the issues with which we have grown up and without eliminating it.

One should practice this meditation which is simple to go along with the Guruji’s voice guiding us.