The miracle of Bala and chanting Navakshari. We were traveling to airport to fly from one country to another country. The cab driver was late. Every moment was very tense. But as an alpha siddha though i dint meditate that day i thought bala is with me. Nothing worse will happen. Only miracles happen and calm down myself, kept chanting navakshari mantra. We reached just an hour before the gate closed. We have to send luggages , security check and immigration . Every thing was over quickly. The bala’s miracle is, due to last minute our extra luggage of 7.5 kg is not charged and just we cleared security check in no time and finally caught the flight. It’s Bala’s miracle. When we believe that Bala will take care everything, she will take care of every little thing. Millions of Thanks to you guruji… U showed us the god Bala