I had done upto level 3 in AMP. Even though I tried my best, I could not meditate regularly. I kept the alarm and woke up but still I could not meditate properly. I attended Psychic Energy class and understood how to measure energy with the pendulum. I found that the energy of my house was very negative. Then I got an Energy Box from AMP office and kept it in my house. Within 2 days I could feel the changes. The energy was very positive. My meditations were becoming better and better. I cannot thank Guruji enough for this change in my house.

Ms. Lalitha
Alpha Siddha,Salem

In the last 3 years I changed 5 jobs. All were good assignments, but somehow I always got into some kind of trouble with the people and had to quit. I attended AMP class and after a month I also attended Agni Kundam class. When we meditated for problems in our relationships, I thought of my office related problems. I could see the reason very clearly. I had always spoken harsh words and made people feel bad. Hence, people were not ready to help me or cooperate with me. This was because of my own inferiority complex. I released all this in that meditation. Today, I am very popular in my office. I owe this transformation entirely to Alpha!

Mr. Shanmugham
Alpha Siddha,Coimbatore

I attended Alpha level 1 one year back. At that time I was engaged and about to get married in a monthís time. There were many fears in my mind about my new house, my job, my husband, whether I will be happy after marriage. But, after attending AMP class, with Gurujiís blessings, I felt very empowered. I started visualising the wedding going very smoothly and also my life very happy and peaceful after that. I have been using all the techniques taught by Guruji. Today, I can proudly say that I have found a wonderful home after marriage. I am a very happy Alpha Siddha.Thanks Alpha!

Ms. Sundari
Alpha Siddha,Madurai

Today i joined as a Safety Engineer in a leading apparel manufacturing company. I achieved this only because of Alpha. I am practising alpha meditation regularly for the last 7 months. I attended level 1 on 29th January, 2012. I visualized my dream at Alpha level. I trusted my dream all the time. I crossed many hurdles to achieve this position. Always trust your dream. It will come true soon. Never allow negative thoughts to occupy your mind. Alpha is great!

Alpha Siddha
Alpha Siddha,Chennai

Right from childhood I have always admired my mother for her time management, neatness, discipline in everything that she did. Somehow, I did not seem to have imbibed these qualities from her. Many times I have felt ashamed at my own untidiness and laid back style of life. Then I started my journey with Alpha, that also with my motherís persuasion only. Finally I attended Amrit Siddhi class. That was a wonderful class. I started practising that mind blowing meditation. Now, after about six months, I suddenly realised that I had become more like my mother. I was very meticulous about everything I did! This came as a surprise to me. I wondered what brought about that change. And then, it struck me. In Amrit Siddhi class Guruji does the DNA activation meditation. I guess, when that happened those good qualities from mother which were dormant within me got activated! This is really miraculous! Love you Guruji for this beautiful realisation and transformation!

Ms. Sinduja
Alpha Siddha,Coimbatore

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