My mother, T.V.Saroja, aged 79, was suffering from osteoporosis. She was under medication but unable to get up from bed due to pain.  I took Alpha Music Therapy from Guruji designed for my mother to remove the fear of her ailment and dependency on others.  She heard it for five days and even on the third day she got up from bed and walked to another room.  She was also speaking positively and did not lament about her dependency which was a remarkable change which I found in the past 6 years.  I thank Guruji from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful music therapy. Koti namaskarams

Chitra Ramesh

Today  (11.08.2018) Srividya class at Chennai was extraordinary. I could easily feel the presence of the Goddess as well as Her blessings. The way it was structured covered all aspects of invoking the DIVINE SUPREME. Wonderful experience. I want to practice and enjoy the bliss, blessings and benefit. Thanks to Guruji Srimatha


I attended Srividya class at Chennai in August. I enjoyed a divine experience. Simply  supreme and spiritual. Honourable respects to MAATHAJI. CHENNAI people are so lucky to have such a nice GURUJI


I did Aishwaryam class on 17.06.2018 in Chennai …it has given a miracle experience to me …last month annual increment was given by our management. Usually the increment will be around 9 to 12% but I got 22% as special increment….It is a wonder to me n thanks to Alpha & Guruji

Satish Raj

After Aishwaryam class, today my husband announced this glad news that he was appreciated by his superiors for his exceedingly tremendous performance last year and has been awarded a cash incentive of Rs.1.25 lakhs too. I never expected this and I thank the Divine, Srimatha and the Universe


Psychic energy  class was so interesting  and so useful in our day to day life. It clearly guides us to separate the negative energy filled in our mind as well as helps  to identify it in others and safe guard us from succumbing to the victim of negative energy of our near and dear ones. Thanks to Guruji

Anantha Narayanan

I start with Alpha 5 years back and attended all classes. My life totally changed. I become totally positive. But i always kept worrying about my husband who is always very negative. He refused to attend Alpha. Finally i spoke to his subconscious mind and he attended Alpha recently. Now, he is correcting me when i say anything negative by mistake. This is the best thing in my life and all because of Alpha. Thank You.


I am really amazed at the effect of Sanjeevani. I attended it a couple of months back. I have been listening to the meditation every night as suggested by Guruji. Now suddenly I realise that my overall health has really improved. Earlier i was doing some yoga but the movements were never complete. Now i am able to bend fully. I donot get tired. Actually I feel much healthier. My doctor’s visits have stopped completely. Thanks Guruji.


My very dear friend had a stroke. Her right side was paralised and she lost her voice also. Myself and my husband were chanting NAVAKSHARI MANTRA for her. I was very upset. I visited her. She was unable to speak. I sat near her and chanted for some time. I came back with a heavy heart. I used to visualise that she is responding to me on the phone. One day I rang up her husband to enquire about her condition. I was very pleasantly surprised when he told me,”you talk to her “. I am extremely thankful to Guruji  for giving us such a wonderful NAVAKSHARI Mantra for welfare of all.

Santhosh Puri

Privileged and Humbled to receive scholarship from GOVT OF INDIA in BHARATNATYAM DANCE category. Just another small step to the journey I chose!  Thanks to Alpha without alpha it would have been impossible what I’m today