Question from Ahila Chennai:

What is the purpose of Music Therapy in Srividya class?

Reply from Guruji:

It is a great blessing to receive Srividya initiation. But sometimes the karma that a person carries does not allow him to practise properly and receive the full benefit. The newly added Music therapy in Srividya class is made to remove any blockages in our mind. This makes it possible to practise Srividya properly and get Devi’s darshan and blessings.


In 2000 we bought a plot in Chennai, but, we could not build a compound wall for 9 years. In 2009 I attended Level 1,2,3 classes and manthra sakthi class.  I started practising alpha meditation and  recited manthras. After 27 days, we could do Bhoomi Pooja and started building compound wall. Within 2 years we could complete the full independent house. We have moved in and are living happily. Thanks to Alpha, Thanks to Srimatha!


On May 8th we went to thalaikaveri and requested for group prayers. We Alpha sidhas prayed and today Kaveri is flooded and dams are getting filled to maximum limit. And also the kaveri board is set. Kabini dam is opened and kaveri water has reached Tamilnadu now.  Thanks to alpha and thanks to Guruji. We will continue our prayers.


Power of mind in Alpha state.  I served in a Multinational  Company as a National Manager holding great extent of Responsibility for 35 years. Two years back I was relieved and retired from the services. The problem started then.  I had this retirement sickness, I was very restless and I could not push the time. At one stage I had to consult a Psychiatrist and  take medicines.  I got addicted to sleeping tablets. Then, I happened to read our Guruji’s article regarding the power of Alpha.  I visualised giving up the sleeping tablets in my daily meditation.  Within in a couple of days I gave up taking sleeping tablets and yet I get sound sleep. Thanks to Guruji – Sree Matha and …Alpha Mind Power. .

Raja Iyer

I always wanted to go to work and earn. But i got married immediately after my college and could not go to work. Although my husband’s income is good i always felt guilty to spend money even for necessary things. After attending Aishwaryam class this feeling has been wiped out from my mind. I enjoy doing Aishwaryam meditation. It is wonderful. I feel abundance. The best thing is I have also received some ancestral property and the rent is coming to me now. I cannot believe that i hv my own income without even going to work. Aishwaryam is really a  magical class. Thanks to Srimatha


Today I attended Aishwaryam class in Chennai. I thank Srimatha for giving us this wonderful meditation. Starting from how to keep cash safely and neatly she has given a clear picture of how money has to be handled carefully with respect. The mantra chanting was very powerful and I could feel myself drenched in this energy. I am so confident that my life will blossom with abundance always.


I did exam duty last week in a govt college. I have heard from previous exam duty invigilators that we never receive remuneration because it takes long time to get sanction. Yesterday night I did Aishwaryam meditation after a long time as I wanted to relax a little. I had actually forgotten about getting exam duty amount.  I just did the meditation but did not particularly wish for anything. But just now clerk came and gave that invigilation money.  Even he was surprised. He told me that this is the first time he is coming over like now to give money for exam duty… it made me so happy……Thank you Universe. Thank you Alpha. Thank you Guruji.


Alpha Siddha
Alpha Mind Power

I had suggested to a friend to attend Aishwaryam class at Bangalore on March 10th. From that dayhe is practisingAishwaryam meditation morning and evening, This has taken him to top level in his business. He was thanking me profusely. He is a business man from Kerala who met monetary loss & very sad also. Now he is very happy because of our Guruji’s teachings.

Alpha Mind Power

I attended the Sanjeevani class recently at Delhi.  I have been suffering from frozen shoulder.  Despite several rounds of physioI could not reach the end range.  To my great delight post the Sanjeevani class I am able to move my hands freely. It is nothing but a miracle.  Thankyou Guruji for being the grace in my life.

Alpha Mind Power

We all know that Kundalini Shakthi cleanses and purifies us of our Sanchita Karma. But today I experienced another phase of Kundalini Shakthi meditation. Today I did chanting along with my daughter. We did it in the room where I normally meditate. As soon as the chanting was over my Kundalini got activated effortlessly. I could sense it rising up my spinal cord to the head and automatically it came down and I experienced nothing but bliss.  My daughter who has done up to second level of AMP said she had not felt such a tremendous vibration so far. I thank Guruji for her teachings and initiating us into such a high level of energy. After coming out of meditation, I became active and fresh. This effect is splendid.

Alpha Mind Power