Health and wealth are important in our daily life. But when we have a Good Relationship bonding, everything will come hand-in-hand. Anubandham is the most necessary class in today’s lifestyle. Winning hearts is most difficult than earning money for which Anubandham paves way!

Alpha Mind Power

Today morning i did Anubandam meditation i am very much happy that i got blessings from universe not only for me but also for my whole family i am totally relaxed after doing the anubandham mediation thanku guruji

Alpha Mind Power

If Anubandham workshop was introduced few years back or even few months back, my growth rate would have been different.. though I had many gifts practically, I didn’t realize them as I’ve been carrying more emotional burdens over the years and the progress was very much delayed.. however, thanking Guruji and life for gifting it, atleast now..

I used to scold universe sometimes and also beholded it as a God on the other extreme esp. at the end of Alpha meditations.. but for the first time in my life, felt Universe as my most approachable mom.. on whose lap I can lie down.. the peace is inexpressible..

Instead of blaming someone or situation or even my own self, found a formula finally to surrender instantly and solve naturally.. it’s such a simple secret that made all the difference.. Thanks a ton, Guruji & Universe!

Alpha Mind Power

Feedback- Anubandham class- Very peaceful and happy.. Another wonderful class designed by our beloved guruji. Can understand about the relationships and about the misunderstanding in that relationship. Awakening of inner child and finally with a fantastic Anubandham dhyanam. A new chanting was introduced which will be very helpful for any kind of situations to settle down things in peace.

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Anubandham class took us to another level of introspection. Felt heavy in the beginning but by the end of anubandham meditation felt very light and happy from within. Blessed to be an alpha siddha. Right from Agni kundam meditation,cosmic communication, innerchild to anubandham meditation was divine and blissful. Those 4 meaningful golden mantras will surely be a life changer. All these words have life and must be cared for .Life is more meaningful when we become motivated to be a better person. Guruji has taught us through meditation to improve our standard of life Life is 10 percent what happens and 90 percent how we react to it
As guruji said Love can heal anything. There is only one happiness in life- To Love and be Loved . Thank you guruji

Dr. Bhuvaneswari
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In today’s cosmic meditation, the issue I took was excessive usage of mobile by my child. I tried telling many times, talked with subconscious mind, but no improvement. But just after doing this (we did it before lunch ) my child had deleted the accounts from apps. I didn’t know that. When I went home, my child told me that by 2 PM accounts were deleted. I was astonished. No words to Express my thanks to u guruji! Your technique is simply amazing! With just one shot! Plz do share my experience with others in tomorrow’s class!
Thanks again!

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Amazing experience in Anubandam class today. Behaviours and relationships form the core attributes to one’s holistic well being and this class addresses the wellness path to managing relationships while ensuring our behaviours are in check. This was one key attribute which was making me fail despite relentless hard work. The meditation and the class theory was very helpful in improving my outlook to life. Thank you Guruji and alpha for the new course which was the missing piece in my jigsaw.

Rishikesh Sridharan
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Every one of us have good and bitter experiences with people around us. Although our inner mind does not want any conflict, we tend to instinctively react to situations that are bitter with a huge amount of anger when the situation is out of control. In the process we lose a great deal of friendship with our near and dear ones too. Not knowing how to set right the situation, we commit more mistakes.
Anubandham is the healing balm to this pitiable situation. Thank you Srimatha for designing and giving us this very much needed solution. What a relief!
Srimatha must have felt that many of us too have a good heart to mend the strained relationship. So this class has been meticulously designed by her. Cosmic communication, the child within followed by Anubandham meditation were awesome.
Thank you Srimatha

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Today, I completed the Anubandham class. I have always suppressed the bad, negative events of any relationships. They crop up now and then. I have wanted a way to resolve the anger, fear, hurt caused by relationships. During the meditation, all the suppressed emotions came up. I could address them, give them colors and resolve them. Made me feel lighter.
Thank you Mataji for the great Class.

Shoabha Paatabiraman
Alpha Mind Power

I am in a well to do position and have a good husband and beautiful children. but my husband always said this to me “u do not like to be happy. y do u refuse to be happy?”

I have an immense peace of mind after doing anubandham.

I grew up in a volatile environment. my parents were always at loggerheads with each other.

They were never happy with each other.

I was  collateral damage.
Hence i became a bitter person.

I was madly searching for inner peace where i could forgive myself and enjoy a moment of peace where there is no bitterness.

After doing alpha and srividya i became calmer and more level headed.

My husband said “you are much better now. it is easier to talk to you nowadays”

but that peace kept eluding me. that bitterness did not leave me.

I attended anubandham for that sole purpose – its been 3 days (i attended on 13/10/18 – first day first show madam) – there is no trace of bitterness and anger in me. every word that comes out of my mouth is so loving…… i am amazed at myself…… for past 3 days i am doing routine work the same way but more lovingly…..and the best response was from husband ” Please i want to eat your adais tonight. i love you so much”
Thank You very much Madam.

Alpha Siddha
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