When a particular change is required to be created in the mind, Alpha Music Therapy can be of great help. It is a Music Therapy which easily takes a person to a deep level of Alpha. It runs for about one hour. It is customized for the concerned person. The required affirmations are embedded in the music. They work on the subconscious mind of the person and create the desired change. This customised therapy is prepared by Guruji personally.

The music should be heard once a day. 5 sessions will be sufficient to create the required change. After that it is advisable to give a gap and observe the changes in thought forms. If required, one can listen to the same music again. This music should be heard with headphones only and in a lying down position.

This music is customized for an individual. It should be heard by that person only.


This is a system founded by Dr. Edward Bach from London. The Institution located at Mount Vernon, extracts the essences of these unique flowers which create wonderful positive changes in the mind. A combination of these essences is prepared as per your requirement by adding them to sugar globules which can be consumed. Guruji prepares the combination personally with 20 years’ practice of this system.


Energy is the base for everything. When the energy of a place is positive, everything goes well. But when there is more negative energy, then the thought forms of the people living there become negative. Health and money flow suffer. Relationships also get strained. Negative Energy reduces money inflow, causes health problems and relationship issues. It also creates Negative Thoughts in the minds of people in that place.

What is Alpha Energy Box?

Alpha Energy Box is a wonderful tool conceived by Srimatha Vijayalakshmi Panthaiyan to dissolve Negative Energy from Homes, Offices and Business Centres. It contains numerous yantras to generate positive energy and many crystal stones to magnify the energy and pyramid tip of the box helps to broadcast the positive energy. This box is personally energized by Guruji.

Benefits of Alpha Energy Box:

The Alpha Energy Box generates a lot of positive energy which dissolves all Negative Energy in the place and creates a lot of Positive Energy. This creates more Positive Thoughts in the minds of the people. This in turn improves the Health, Wealth and even Relationships. The Alpha Energy Box counters even the Negative Energy caused due to vaastu problems in the house. The Alpha Energy Box can be placed in a house, workplace or in a business centre.

The Alpha Energy Box creates a very highly positive energy field in the house with which makes people in the house feel calm. Relationships improve. Health issues get cured easily. Money flow also improves.

When the energy of a place becomes positive, everything works well!

Numerous Alpha Siddhas and others have benefited with the Alpha Energy Box and have provided consistent Positive Feedback right from 2010.

Alpha Energy Box cost Rs.5000 (Courier charges extra)