For a person who seeks relief from the various problems in life, it would be a blessing to learn to consciously use the Alpha Level of the mind.

Once you learn to awaken this magical power within you, it is possible to use it everyday for various purposes in life and create the desired results.

The unique feature of Alpha Meditations is that while you are in a Meditative Level, you can take up your problem and using the positive energy generated during meditation, visualize and create good happenings in your life!

Many times, persons on the verge of committing suicide have attended the workshop and experienced a total paradigm shift in their attitude about life. Instead of feeling helpless and inadequate they felt well equipped to face anything in life!

Moreover, once you learn to use the Alpha Level, instead of being a ‘Creature of Circumstances’, you become a ‘Creator of Circumstances’.

If you had wished for a magical wand to wipe away all your problems, then, this is it – the real power hidden within you ‘Alpha Mind Power’ !

The workshop is conducted separately in English and Tamil.